Known Reproductions

 Reproductions exist of most types of currency, and that issued in 19th century Florida is no exception.  Reproductions of both State of Florida and obsolete notes issued by banks and railroads in the Cr19 facsimile 001period before and during the war are known.  Listed below are reproductions that we have seen, we will amend this list as others come to our attention. 

Issuer Date Denom. Serial #
State of Florida March 1,1863 $1 2396
Bank of Fernandina February 1,1860 $5 237
Bank of Florida February 1,1864 $4  542
Bank of St.Johns May 2,1859 $5 667
Bank of West Florida November 3,1832 $40 1363
Merchants & Planters Bank  November 12,1833  $20 13??
Tallahassee RailRoad Usually unsigned; often on tan paper $1, $2 &$3  None

If you have a question about a note that you have, contact us and we’ll give you our opinion of its authenticity.