The grading of currency is a subjective exercise, with honest people often grading the same note differently. In the past few years commercial grading standards seem to have “slipped” some. We try to always grade our notes evenly and fairly. We strive to be certain that you will not be disappointed in your notes when they arrive. Any feature of a note that is not in conformity with its grade will be noted in the description.

Some notes don’t precisely fit a grade. We use a Ch before a grade to indicate a note that is particularly choice for the grade, a + after the grade to indicate that this note is somewhat better than the norm, and a – after the grade to indicate a note that otherwise meets the grade, but has a flaw that is either noted in the description or clearly visible in the scan. The grades we use in our listings are as follows:

CU(Choice Uncirculated)- a note that is in perfect condition, well-centered on crisp paper with no folds, tears, dirt or wear of any sort, well cut with square corners, as new.

UNC (Uncirculated)- almost a CU, but with slightly poorer centering or a closer cut, but no problems with the quality or condition of the paper, no wear, folds, dirt, etc. Crisp.

AU (About Uncirculated)- an almost perfect note with only the slightest signs of handling. May have a corner ‘counting’ fold or a light center fold, but no hard creases. No wear, has square corners and is crisp.

XF (Extremely Fine)- a very nice note with only minor handling. May have several light creases or one heavy one and show slight wear at the edges and corners.

VF (Very Fine)- a nice note, but with more evidence of wear. May have several vertical and/or horizontal folds, some dirt and slight edge and corner wear, but still retaining some crispness in the paper. An attractive note.

F (Fine)- shows much circulation and handling, but is still intact and fairly attractive. Has many folds and creases, may be wrinkled and the paper is not crisp. May be dirty, with edge wear and edge tears that do not extend into the design. No center hole from being folded.

VG (Very Good)- well circulated but still intact, may have small holes but no pieces missing. Corners are rounded from wear and edges may have nicks and tears that can extend into the design. The paper is limp, and may have stains and/or dirt, and it may have a hole at the center from folding.

G (Good)- poorer than VG, may have holes, and small pieces missing. Usually only collected if a better note is not obtainable.

Fr (Fair)- similar to Good, but may have up to 15% missing. Collected only as a filler if unable to find a better note.

Pr (Poor)- severe damage, may have more than 15% missing. Only collected in very rare varieties, when better notes are too costly or not available.

Remember, everything we sell is 100% guaranteed, so you can be assured that it will be the note you expected or your money will be refunded, no questions asked.