Related Items for Sale

Img13.pngThis page features other historic Florida financial documents, such as exchange drafts, checks, tax receipts and Confederate States of America items related to Florida, which we list as available.

We have, or have access to, many different types of 19th century Florida “paper”, and may have what you are looking for even if it is not listed here. Let us know what you are seeking and we will do our best to find it for you.

At the present time we have the following items available:

Date City Item Description Grade Price Scans
1838 Pensacola Navy Yard $99 check: Pensacola Navy Yard  Sig. Henry Etting who issued 1838 Navy Yard notes VF Rare and historic $350 Pensa check rev 001Pensa check obv 001
1853 Pensacola Payment advice – handwritten  UNUSUAL ITEM! VF- $100 Hand Draft 001
 ? ? Leesburg Old Florida ad note on CSA repro note reverse VG              Very rare!! $195CSA-FL ad note obv 001 CSA-FL ad note rev 001
1838 Tallahassee Territory of Florida $1000 Bond AU (Gov. Call sig.) wide margins; Coupon sheet on heavy paper. $895  Beautiful!!  1838 FL Bond 001
1848 Leon County Guardian’s Bond F    Territorial bond overwritten “State” $95 FL Bond 2 001
1858 Fernandina Florida RR bond, signed by (Gov) Call, (Sen) Yulee, CSA General Finnegan! XF $550 FL RR Bond 001
1856 Apalachicola $2,000 sight draft XF $175 $2000 site draft 001
1862 Richmond CSA T-40 $100 note; 2 Talla. stamps rev. UNC $135T-40 UNC- Rev 001 T-41 UNC- Obv 001
1862  Richmond CSA T-40 $100 note; 2 Talla. stamps rev. UNC-        Corner tip off $125T-40 UNC- Rev 001 T-40 UNC- Obv 001
1862 Richmond CSA T-40 $100 note; Tallahassee stamp rev. VF $100T-40 VF Rev 001 T-40 VF Obv 001
1862 Richmond  CSA T-41 $100 note; 2 Talla. stamps rev. VF+ $150 T-41 VF+ Obv 001T-41 VF+ Rev 001
1869 Miccosukie Post Draft VF+ $150 Miccosuki Draft 001
1862 Richmond CSA T-41 $100 note; Tallahassee stamp rev. F $100T-41 VF+ Rev 001 T-41 VF+ Obv 001
1863 Florida  Property Tax receipt, 9th District AU $125 Property Tax 001
1864 Florida Soldier’s Tax receipt, 13th District XF $120 Soldier tax 13 Dist 001
1864 Florida Soldier’s Tax receipt, 12th District VF $100 Soldier Tax 12 Dist 001
1860 Florida Pensacola & Georgia RR Tax Receipt XF $125 RR Tax 001
186? Florida Pensacola & Georgia RR meal ticket VF $45 RR Meal Tick 001
1858 Philadelphia American Bank Note Co. organization document UNC Great item for currency collector! $100 ABNC Doc 001
1898 Fernandina Bank of Fernandina checks (3) AU/F/VG $45 Fernan Checks 001
1960 Tallahassee Commemorative Post Card VF $50FL Souv Card Obv 001 FL Souv Card Obv 001