Related Sites

We are pleased to recommend a few other businesses that deal in 19th century currency.  We know the people listed below and they are knowledgeable, honest and fair.  You can deal with them in full confidence.

A&O Auctions is the website of Amanda Sheheen, the daughter of Austin Sheheen who wrote the book on South Carolina Currency. She is knowledgeable about all types of currency and deals in most, including CSA, Southern State and Obsolete notes.  Amanda can be reached by telephone at (803) 432-2435, or visit her website:

Crutchfield’s Currency W. Crutchfield Williams II is a long-time dealer in CSA and Texas currency and is a reliable source for even the most elusive of these notes.  He can be contacted by telephone at (903) 560-0458, or at:

CSA Notes This site is managed by Ed Mason, with whom I have had extensive dealings over the years.  He deals mostly in ‘less rare’ CSA issues.  Ed’s site is:

Hugh Shull  Although he doesn’t have a website, Hugh Shull is the best-known obsolete currency dealer in the country.  He specializes in Confederate States and obsolete currency, and he has a well-deserved reputation for integrity and fair dealing.  $5 will get you his latest catalog, a great reference.  He can be reached at: P.O. Box 2522, Lexington SC 29071