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TERRITORY OF FLORIDA NOTES We occasionally have these highly prized notes available for sale.  Keep in mind that all Territory of Florida notes range from very rare to virtually unobtainable, and they are costly.   To check on current availability click here:  Territorial Notes

Img17.pngSTATE OF FLORIDA NOTES There were more than fifty varieties of notes issued by the State of Florida during the War Between the States (1861-1865) and one issue in 1870.  Varying greatly in their rarity and obtainable grades, they are available in a wide range of prices.  We always have a large selection available for you to examine.  Click here to view our current offerings:State of Florida Notes

RAILROAD  NOTES A number of independent railroads operated in Florida in the mid-19thlake wimico front1.png century and four of them issued their own currency.  They were the Florida Railroad which operated out of Fernandina, the Florida Atlantic & Gulf Central Railroad with headquarters in Jacksonville, the Tallahassee Rail Road with offices in the capitol city, and the Lake Wimico Canal & Railroad Company in St. Joseph.  While many Tallahassee Rail Road notes are generally available (beware of the many reproductions!), the  notes issued by the others are usually difficult to obtain, with some extremely rare.  We always have a good selection of railroad notes available.  Click here to view our current inventory:Rail Road Notes

BANK NOTES Beginning in the years that Florida was was a territory, local banks issued their own currencynotes to finance their operations.  Many of these notes still exist and they are highly collectible.  Since only the northern part of Florida was widely settled in those early years, bank notes originated in this  region.  These notes vary widely in rarity and price.  We have  many bank issues available for you’re review. For our  current inventory, click here: Bank Notes 

OTHER OBSOLETES  In 19th century Florida, currency was issued by many other entities B-76 F+ 001including some local governments, merchants and companies.  With the exception of some notes issued by the Corporation of Tallahassee, these notes are rare and highly sought by  collectors.  We always offer some of these notes for sale.  To view them click hereOther Obsoletes

newberry $22.png DEPRESSION SCRIP   During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, U.S. government currency was often scarce.  To facilitate commerce during this shortage many banks, businesses and local  governmental agencies issued their own scrip.  This scrip was issued inlimited quantities and most of it was redeemed, leaving very little for collectors.  We are pleased to offer some of these notes that were issued in Florida.  To view them,  click here: Depression Scrip

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