Interesting Items

This page is for the display of unusual items of particular interest to Florida currency collectors.  We hope that you enjoy looking at them.

Earliest known State of Florida note:

The first State of Florida notes issued were $1, $2 and $3, signed by Governor Madison Starke Perry and bearing the date of Sept. 16, 1861.  It is not known if these notes were printed on sheets with one denomination or if the $1, $2 and $3 were all printed on each sheet.  In either case, one of the notes shown here is the earliest known.  If the sheets bore a single denomination, the $1 serial #8 is the earliest, if the sheets had all three denominations the $3 serial #6 is the earliest. These two notes are the only ones known from this issue that bear single digit serial numbers.

Thanks to Joe Goleniowski for the $3. ser no 8.png

ser. no. 62.png

Bank of West Florida $10 notes, Serial #1 and #1000:

Most collectors prize a serial #1, here we have both the #1 and #1000 of the same  note (and both are UNC).Has anyone seen #10 or #100?

bwf no11.png

bwf no 100011.png

State of Florida ‘3/3/3’ note:

This unusual note is the 1863, $3, serial #3, a combination we’ve not seen elsewhere. three #3.png

 Bank at Magnolia $10 notes, Serial #1 and #11:

Pictured here are two more notes with remarkable serial numbers.  They are from the Merchants & Planters Bank at Magnolia, $10 notes #1 and #11.  The right end of the #1 note is missing and has been replaced by part of a different note, but they are still a great pair.

Thanks to John Yasuk for these. $10bkmagnolia_1_11.png